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Music & technology

What: In association with Ocean Education Department; 10 weeks workshop of learning how to use computerised programmes to create music. Students receive instrument tuition, use studio equipment, burn a CD and gain an opportunity to perform at local venues.
When: 10 weeks (T.B.C)
Where: Concorde Youth Centre
Contact: 020 8510 0979


What: In association with Leyton Orient community sports programme; 12 week course teaching you fundamentals of passing, shooting, tackling and team work. This course also provides trips to football stadium as well as the chance to play for a team. This course is taught by professional football coaches.
When: 12 weeks (T.B.C)
Where: Concorde Youth Centre
Contact: 020 8510 0979

Video Making

What: In association with Immediate Theatre; 20 week course teaching young people script writing and filming techniques, how to create and use story boards, create videos and helping kids develop basic camera skills.
When: 20 week course (T.B.C)
Where: Concorde Youth Centre
Contact: 020 8510 0979

Concorde Youth Dance

  • Every Tuesdays 6PM-7PM, every Saturdays 10AM-12PM

  • Suitable for all ages

  • Helping the youth focus on something that is productive, getting them involved in something that requires interaction and socialization

  • Contact: Joyclen, or call 0208 510 0979

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